Laura Rademacher, MA, LMFT, CST
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What is Telemental Health?

It's basically Skype therapy or therapy via video conferencing. The program I use works very similarly to Skype but fulfills HIPAA standards to ensure your privacy. Telemental therapy appointments are very similar to in-office therapy appointments. They are generally 50 minutes long and consist of talk therapy.

Who might be interested in video conferencing therapy?

Many people! This is a growing field in mental health. But while anyone looking for therapy might be interested, telemental health can be especially helpful for:

-People in Greater Minnesota who don't want to drive to the Twin Cities to see a Certified Sex Therapist
-People with transportation and/or mobility issues
-People in small communities who want more privacy in accessing therapy
-People who have difficulty finding childcare to come in for an office visit
-People in rural areas of Minnesota where the closest therapy services may be far away
-People who do not have a queer, poly, or kink knowledgeable therapist in their area
-Public figures concerned about being recognized entering a therapist's office

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Minnesota, Laura Rademacher is only able to provide therapy within the state of Minnesota.

What do I need to start "Skype Therapy" or Telemental Health?

You need a computer or tablet, a reliable internet connection, and a time or place where you can have enough privacy to be comfortable participating in therapy. Phones generally are not good choices for telemental therapy as the video can be so small it generally does not provide a good therapeutic experience.

All telemental health clients must reside in the state of Minnesota and you will be asked to provide a Minnesota address.

Can I mix telemental health therapy and in-office therapy appointments?

Absolutely! Clients who normally attend therapy at Laura's office can use video conferencing therapy when it is convenient for them (blizzards, difficulty finding childcare, temporary mobility issues). Telemental health clients can choose to attend in-office appointments if and when that makes sense to them. Telemental health is a way that Laura is able to offer her clients more options and make therapy accessible to more people in Minnesota. Some people may choose to only access therapy through video conferencing and might never attend an office visit. Use these options in the ways that make sense to you!

Does it work?

Yes, studies are showing it is much like in-person therapy. Here is a link to an NCBI study that found telemental health comparable to in-person therapy in effectiveness: The Effectiveness of Telemental Health: A 2013 Review

Doing your own internet searches about Telemental Health can help you make your own decisions about whether this method of therapy is a good fit for you.

What is the cost for telemental therapy?

The cost is the same as in-office appointments; $170 per 50 minute appointment. Telemental health therapy does have an additional intake charge of $30. This is a one time charge to cover time spent on extra intake paperwork and preparation required for "skype therapy" appointments.

How do I start?

Contact Laura Rademacher, MA, LMFT, CST at 612.879.0476 or to find out if telemental health therapy would be a good fit for you and to set up an initial appointment.